DCP 127: The Story Will Reveal Itself

The editing process is the lead topic of conversation between Chris Fenwick and myself. We talk about getting natural results in interviews while preserving the essence of the interviewee’s personality and speech patterns. We also talk about money, missing deadlines, and the false economy of hiring cheap.  Finally, we talk about new media and how my brother is making money on YouTube with adsense as a Lego expert.

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Joseph Olson’s BriskTsar YouTube channel

Edit Button 2.0 Review by Cooper Kingston / Grog Movies

Scott Simmons on the FCPX Grill

Griffin Technology NA16029 PowerMate USB Multimedia Controller (affiliate link)

Concert Hall To Vinyl

Andrew Howe, a long time listener of the DCP, sent me this interesting link to a news article with the headline: “Vinyl Sales Highest for 15 Years” (via The Telegraph). According to The Telegraph: “BPI figures show that vinyl album sales for 2013 were the highest since 1997, with Arctic Monkeys’ AM the bestselling vinyl.”


But how is an audio recording transformed onto vinyl?

Turns out, there’s a video for that – from 1956! Of course, it’s from the master of vinyl, RCA Victor.

I always did love the puppy logo.

Yep… saw this video originally on Gizmodo

Review of Seagate’s Thunderbolt Desktop Adapter

I have a mid-2011 model of Apple’s 27″ iMac. Unfortunately, it does not have USB 3 ports – only the much slower USB 2 ports. However, it does have two Thunderbolt ports. My Thunderbolt capable Promise Pegasus R4 is blazing fast. If only there was a Thunderbolt compatible hard drive dock…

In this video I show how I use the Seagate Thunderbolt Desktop Adaptor (affiliate link) in a bit of a hack to mount OEM bare metal hard drives. Though this adapter wasn’t intended to be used with OEM drives, it does work – as long as you take a few simple precautions.

Bottom line: this adapter is 4x faster than my USB hard drive dock. If you do have a Mac or PC that has USB 3, then there is no real advantage in using the Seagate Thunderbolt adapter when using single spinning hard drives for backups.

Also mentioned in the video:

HighPoint Dual-Bay Thunderbolt 10Gbps Storage Dock (RocketStor 5212) (affiliate link)

By the way, this video was recorded using my iPhone 5 and a RODE Smartlav mic (affiliate link). The video was edited in FCP X 10.1.

DCP 126: The Amazon Drones vs The GoogleBots (With Chris Fenwick)

In this episode Chris Fenwick – the host of the digitalCINEMAafe and the FCPXGrill podcasts – returns to the DCP. We talk about YouTube, restoring vinyl audio with Adobe Audition, are synthesizers destroying film and TV soundtracks, and we geek out on Mean Time Between Failure stats on hard drives.

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Discwasher Vinyl Record Care System (affiliate link)

FCPX Grill Podcast

digitalCINEMAcafe Podcast

DCP 125: Slip Slidin Away (With Gabe Cheifetz of CrumplePop and Trost)

Gabe Cheiftetz returns to the Digital Convergence Podcast to talk about a new venture that the CrumplePop gang have been working on – the creation of the premium slider Trost – perhaps one of the strong, smoothest, and most versatile camera motion sliders on the market today.

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DCP 124: The Curious Eye

Brian Mulligan
Brian Mulligan – senior editor for WTHR-TV in Indianapolis, IN, and Autodesk Smoke expert.

This week’s episode of the Digital Convergence Podcast features Brian Mulligan – senior editor of WTHR-TV located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Brian is also known as the go-to expert of Autodesk’s Smoke. We talk about getting into broadcasting, his workflow for editing under tight deadlines, and education.

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Brian Mulligan’s blog on PremiumBeats

Brian Mulligan on Twitter: @BKMEditor

Cameras find the story in ‘All Is Lost’ (via the LA Times)

Moogfest Mavericks of Sound Design Panel with Eric Persing, Diego Stocco, Richard Devine and Scott Gershin

Awesome panel discussion about sound design featuring Eric Persing, Diego Stocco, Richard Devine and Scott Gershin. The video is almost an hour long; however, the lively discussion about their craft, sound design philosophies, and techniques is well worth the time to watch. I love their stories about working with clients!

Who are these guys? According to Wikipedia: “Eric Persing is a sound designer, professional synthesist and producer in Los Angeles, California. He is best known as the Founder and Creative Director of the leading music software and virtual instrument company Spectrasonics. Diego Stocco is an Italian sound designer and composer for movies, television and video games. Richard Devine is an Atlanta-based electronic musician and sound designer. He is recognized for producing a layered and heavily processed sound, combining influences from hip-hop to old and modern electronic music.” Also, Scott Gershin is a sound designer whose film credits include Pacific Rim, Gladiator, American Beauty, and Das Boot.

I’ve known of Eric Persing for many years as his name is associated with the sound design of several of the beautiful presets found in many of the most popular Roland synthesizers – some of which were once in my studio. He is the founder of Spectrasonics – the company behind one of the most powerful software synths – Omnisphere. You have heard this synth many times – it’s been used in the sound track of many feature films – including Avatar. This synth is now a core part of my sound design studio.

DCP 123: Avoiding The Cliche!

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In this episode: 

  • Avoiding the cliche in your creative work
  • Chris Fenwick has something new cooking on The Grill
  • How do you balance an audio/video business and family life?
  • Alan Bell – feature film editor of the Hunger Games – Catching Fire

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The FCPX Grill podcast by Chris Fenwick

Nathan Lawernce’s website AudioARTRecording.net

Vi Hart’s website

Vi Hart’s YouTube channel

How To Break Free From Creative Conventions

Creativity means fearlessly embracing things that seem odd, even random, knowing that if you keep your brain open you will eventually find the connections. — Vi Hart

Vi Hart explores a conundrum all creatives face – how to break free from conventions and avoid cliche by using constraints - in this wonderfully quirky video Twelve Tones.

She calls herself a ”Recreational Mathemusician”. Hart has amassed over 44 million video views and 650,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. She has turned her habit of mathematical doodling into a series of engaging videos. In most of the videos, you watch her draw (speeded up) complex mathematical concepts as she narrates the video in her fast paced lyrical voice.

Vi Hart on YouTube
Vi Hart’s personal website
Vi Hart on Twitter

Here’s a behind the scenes video on how Vi Hart creates her videos: